Nordic CCM User Group
 Informal discussions on output and output solutions..
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Introduction   This is (and probably will be) the only subpage in English...

What is the purpose?
The Danish Output User Group exchanges knowledge and experiences using CCM (Advanced Function Presentation).

Who are we?
It is our goal to cover all Danish companies using CCM. We are very concerned about keeping this a user-group instead of a company-dominated group. We decide for ourselves who can deliver a lecture at the meetings, what the subjects are and how free we can talk. Normally, we believe in a relaxed atmosphere with very few secrets.

What do we do?
We meet twice a year at different sites around the country. The meetings lasts two days and consists of various sessions where members tell of their experiences, companies shows their products and people with related subjects share their view with us. We also visit Xplor, where anybody related to print shows up. Now and then we visit more or less weird places, like Elizabeth's Bar in downtown Nice, restaurants in Heurige near Vienna with drunk singers, and robotized factories in Jarfälla, Sweden. We also like to play "Auntie Sally" with 2 ft. woodclubs after finishing a yard of ale.

Members of the user group board are:
Jacob (chairman), Søren, Birgit, Henning, Henrik, Erik, Michael, and Millo (webmaster).

Furthermore, you can find and/or contact the group via LinkedIn